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Om like Nom Nom

I love it when I am fully present in a moment and suddenly filled with inspiration to create. It's as if I get clunked upside the head with bright "aha" light. Today, it was Jay Shetty, former monk, motivational vlogger, and master meditator who provoked my need to share this. He metaphorically postured the unseen benefits of meditation to the unrecognized, life-affirming usefulness of food. Brilliant!

I am an elder in the transformation tribe; a senior member of the consciousness community; one of the world's 15% populace committed to a nonnegotiable meditation practice. In 1980, it was reported that approximately 1% of the world meditated regularly. Those numbers had remained consistent over the few hundred years prior to that. My membership was active in 2005, when those numbers reportedly quadrupled to 4%. Waves of elevated awareness, flow of mindfulness, and a crest of divination are robustly rising across the globe. A colossal, timely surge.

Still, many people report that they "don't know how to meditate" or ""don't' get anything out of it". Jay described it perfectly when he said "meditation is like food". Exactly! We don't feel the effects of food on our bodies until we lack it. When we eat, we are unaware of the absolute and contributory value of food. Meditation is the same. Stop meditating and you will likely notice diverse and adverse effects. Same with food. Varieties of meditation are as boundless as the options on an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sample what makes your taste buds tingle. Inhale what you want, exhale what you don't. Find what fills you. Mindfulness becomes habitual with practice, as worthwhile, as epicurean, as nourishing as food. It is truly life-sustaining..if you continue to feed yourself with it.

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