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Newton's Theory De-Platformed

We are saturated with uncertainty and unrest and it's weighing us down. Like a flaky phyllo pastry held together by butter that masterfully seeps in and between every unsuspecting sheet of dough, there are complexities to this virus/social justice predicament that craftily ooze through layers of our soma, psyche, and across every domain. The world is paralyzed by fear from a viral load that has no clear cause, but is creating tragic effects I believe will continue extrapolating for years. But unlike text-book Newtonian models, this channel connecting cause and effect has no linear pathway. Cause is met with suspect, and not just from our conspiracy theorists, but from credible government sources, medical specialists, and privatized media platforms forced off grid after being de-platformed from popular mainstream media social platforms. We don’t know how this all began, or where, or why or who’s responsible. As for the effects, they are all too indefinite to even guesstimate.

In its truest sense, Newton’s theory argues that force has a direct effect on matter, with the external affecting the internal. This is our current reality as we experience conscious loss of personal and social equity leading to a subconscious plunge into the dense abyss of grief. While this deep mourning masquerades as frustration, anger, and anxiety, its causality remains void of a clear source. We continue to grapple at the whys and the hows. Suspicion persists.

Where every action enlists an equal and opposite reaction, outraged citizens aligning as mostly-peaceful neighborhood protests have incited a brigade of rubber-bullet, trigger-happy American Special Forces at the commander’s order. Not quite an equal reaction Newton. With no clear cause, and effect that seems impossible to quantify, we’re looped right back to uncertainty and unrest. It’s a centrifuge spinning feverishly, dividing and constricting our external and internal resources. But Newton didn’t account for the force of free will or our agency as independent creators. Or for the evolution of human minds. Or the escalation of global divine consciousness. We ordinary people are a force to be reckoned with. Is it all relative or is this a mistaken interpretation of observation? Guess that's Einstein's grub to nosh on.

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