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Coming Out to Yourself: A Psychic Phenom

Updated: May 22, 2020

You are not alone. Fears you may have of rejection, damnation, discrimination, embarrassment and self-distrust are felt by nearly every person that deeply questions their sexual orientation or discovers a new layer of self to explore that offers a swift rank change ceilinged by oppression. Coming out is not an act of self-indulgence. It is an expression of truth. It demonstrates you have opened up bravely to a different version of you that feels more authentic. It is the story of your unfolding in order to claim your place as a whole soul. Self-actualization and self-identification can be self-contained. The disclosure is personal and can happen as a sequel but not vital for organic expansion. The caterpillar solely spins its chrysalis to digest itself prior to revealing its new form. It morphs alone.

It is essential to recognize that your sexual and gender identities are absolutely sovereign domain. Likewise, it serves you to understand that regardless of when you discover your truer sexual preference; when the time is ripe for you, it is your right by divine design to explore and express that. You possess unquestionable entitlement as a soul to live in the fullness of who you are becoming. You may learn that misery is defined by the gap between where you resonate and the elevated state you can rise to because you've already been there. Your purpose is to bring forth all you are in order to experience the richness of your life. The unearthing, confusion, the paralysis from fear of rejection, the movement through those dark, shadowy terrors, burrowing to reground, repurposing values, and a returning to yourself with clarity is all part of the evolution of your being. The transformation is a psychic phenomenon that deserves to be honored and not discounted. It has butterfly beauty. Transparency is sovereign, even to oneself about oneself.

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