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Am I Gay Enough?

For some of you, the pathway from awareness of homoeroticism to sexual reidentification will be the most grievous trial of your lives. For others, it will be less demanding, perhaps void of mental anguish or measurable obstacles.

Bias also exists within the LGBTQ+ communities towards those who come out later in life. Perhaps not predominantly, but judgement exists within and between the factions of the sexual minority domain.

It is noteworthy for those who do dispute or doubt the validity of another’s stated sexuality that conditioned beliefs and established attitudes around what is socially acceptable sexual behavior indoctrinates the psyche. Same-sex inclinations are stowed in the unconscious mind where most urges or memories of unpleasant or conflicting thoughts reside. It is also opined by many that prejudices of this nature are actually reflections of the character of the person judging others. Check in with yourself.

Barriers to conscious awareness of sexual preference are real determinant factors to when an individual experiences homoeroticism. This could last decades or a lifetime.

There are no badges of honor doled out for early awareness. Even if awareness exists in young adulthood, many individuals consciously opt not to address changing sexual identity. It is truly an individual process.

A shorter road to self-actualization doesn’t make it a more valuable road.

Abiding by the tenet of inclusivity, we should celebrate all stories, all sexual identities, all humans.

If you identify as gay, no one is gayer than you.

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